21 Days to a Better Prayer Life Challenge

Are You Ready to Transform Your Prayer Life?

January 10th-30th, 2024

The 21 Days to a Better Prayer Life Challenge is a 21 day spiritual exercise for anyone desiring to take their prayer life and their daily journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ more seriously.

2024 Registration Closed

We intend to offer the challenge again in January 2025.

How It Works

The 21 Days to a Better Prayer Life Challenge is a 21 day spiritual exercise for anyone desiring to take their prayer life and their daily journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ more seriously. 

There are three primary elements to this challenge;

Prayer - 21 Days to a Better Prayer Life Challenge

Commitment to Prayer

Daily Prayer – Participants commit to a minimum of 30 minutes of silent prayer as well as an evening Examen Prayer (5-10 minutes) each day for the 21 days.
Weekly Holy Hour – Participants commit to at least one holy hour each week for more focused mental prayer.
Examination - 21 Days to a Better Prayer Life Challenge

Intentional Examination of Your Experience with God.

At the core of this challenge is the opportunity to grow in greater awareness of the inner workings of your spiritual life (i.e. your relationship with God) so you can live and pray more intentionally and fruitfully.  We foster this through short daily reflections, journaling and community discussion.
Community - 21 Days to a Better Prayer Life Challenge

Community & Support

Participants commit to participation in sharing their experiences of prayer in community in order to offer and receive support, encouragement, etc.
Trained spiritual directors and formators will be available for regular “office hours” throughout the challenge and to answer questions, offer support, etc. through our online community.

In Short, What’s Expected?

  • Join the 60 minute challenge orientation (or watch the recording prior to the challenge).
For the 21 Days
  • Minimum of 30 minutes of silent prayer each day
  • Pray the Examen Prayer (5-10 minutes) each night
  • At least one dedicated holy hour of prayer each week
  • Listen to the daily 2-3 minute reflection on the theme of the challenge.
  • Simple daily prayer journaling where you take note of your experience of prayer and your experience of God throughout the day.
  • Sharing of your experiences of prayer and participation in the online discussions and prompts 2-3 times per week.  Note: this can be replaced with discussions with a spouse, friend, small group, etc. (see below)
Other (OPTIONAL) Opportunities
  • Regular Office Hours with the formation team where you can ask questions, discuss prayer, discernment, etc.
  • Access to our growing library of resources that include resources for prayer, daily reading recommendations, etc.
  • Join the Closing Celebration and Prize Ceremony

Will You Join Us?

Individual Registration

  • Access to the supportive online community and formation team (discussions, forums, etc.)
  • Access to resources for daily prayer including our short daily reflections on the challenge theme.
  • Invitation to “office hours” with our formation team
  • (1) Full Color Printed Journal (mailed to you)
$ (one time fee)

Frequently Asked Questions

In short, we just ask that you commit to a way that you will share about your experiences of prayer with someone you trust.  Some options might include;

  • Checking in a few times a week with a good friend, spouse, etc.
  • Participation 2-3 times a week in the online forums
  • Commit to weekly participation in one of our Office Hours with Eric and members of the Formation Team.

The commitment to sharing is in place to help each of us grow in confidence in ourselves as well as the work that God is doing in us.

We’re here to help but we can’t “force” you to do anything.  Make the commitment, do the best you can, and we’ll be here every step of the way!

Our hope is that this challenge will help you grow in a better understanding of your relationship with Jesus; how it’s going, where you could use a little more discipline, where you could use more support, etc.  The Suscipe Community is here to assist you along the way and will continue to provide the community, formation opportunities, resources, etc. to support you in your discipleship journey.  We have other formation opportunities in the works!

You’ll have access to everything involved with this challenge (prayer resources, recordings, etc) for 90 days after the challenge is over.

That would actually be our preference and we understand that a lot of people have reservations with “sharing online” or “sharing with strangers” and that they would prefer to keep their sharing within your small group setting.  We have two options for your group:

1. Participate in the January Challenge

Each person could sign up individually for the challenge.  They will have full access to everything, will receive their journal, etc.  Instead of participating in the online community options, each person could commit to meeting regularly as a group throughout the challenge.  We don’t “keep tabs” on people who register so if they aren’t engaged in the online activities, we won’t be tracking them down.  Also though, they can participate in whatever they want.

2. Host a Private Challenge

We have the ability to set up a space in our community for just you and your group.  This option is only available to individuals who have been through the challenge and want to bring it to their group as it requires a little more effort and wherewithal of the leader.  We aren’t able to run a private challenge simultaneously with the January challenge but could offer it at another time throughout the year.

We can host private challenges for small groups and even entire parishes.  Please reach out if you’d like to discuss more!

What Are You Waiting For?

Make the commitment and get ready to start taking your prayer life more seriously and deeper your relationship with God!