Family Nights

Having Fun. Being Intentional.

Our family nights are an opportunity for you and your family, friends, etc. to get together for a simple time of fun, learning, and some intentional discussion and prayer. We do the planning, the leading, and you simply participate!
Family Nights are LIVE, interactive, and easy to participate in.
Also…Family Nights are FREE!
Megaphone Suscipe

Our Next Family Night:

Sunday, November 13th 
Theme: Who Are We?

Typical Schedule

7:00pm: Opening Remarks

7:05pm: Interactive Game or Icebreaker

7:30pm: A Short (but engaging!) Talk

7:45pm: Family Time

What is a Suscipe Family Night?

 A Simple “Program”

We’ll lead your family and friends through a short (about 45 minute) program that includes a fun game or icebreaker, a short talk, etc. Then we’ll invite you to turn off the T.V. and use the resources we provide to continue the family night on your own. The live part of the program can be streamed from any device or T.V.

Taking the Pressure Off

It can be difficult for parents to “facilitate” intentional times for prayer, sharing, etc. among their family and friends. Sometimes it’s much easier if “someone else” is facilitating the experience. You get everyone together and we’ll take care of the rest. We want to set you and your family up for success!

Forming Families in Prayer

While our topics will cover a variety of areas of the faith, culture, etc. Our goal is always going to be to help families grow in their life of prayer.

Incredibly Flexible to Use

The “live” portion of a family night will be broad and inclusive to ensure all families feel comfortable with what’s being presented. The materials we provide will offer all kinds of options at varying degrees of “depth” for you decide how you want to navigate the night.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. We typically organize a family night every month! Join us when you can. You can find the dates for our upcoming Family Nights on our Suscipe Community Platform.

A. We’ll send you all of the details by email. Just make sure you sign up to be notified and we’ll send you everything you need.

A. Yes! We encourage families to do this together, parishes to host the event in their parish halls, etc. All of the programming will be flexible and adaptable to any size group. We encourage you to try it out and figure out what works best for you and your family!

A. We’ve found that there is a certain gift and grace when we do these events together. There are two ways that you can access the archives (recordings and handouts) of our Family Nights. The archives are available as a benefit to our Suscipe+ members (learn more here) OR you can purchase the all access pass to our Family Nights for a one-time fee of $97. This will give you access to all of the past and future Family Nights and grants you permission to use them for personal and parish-wide use.

A. Our goal is that this would be a great experience for families of any shape or size. Whether you’re empty nesters or you’ve got little ones in the house, we’re confident you’ll enjoy this opportunity. The content will be applicable to anyone whether they are 8 or 80!

Suscipe+ Member Perks!

Suscipe+ is our paid membership community for “serious” disciples.

Access to Past Family Night Recordings & Materials

Suscipe+ members have access to all of our past family night recordings, handouts, prayer materials, etc.

Ability to Host Your Own Family Nights (at any time!)

Suscipe+ members can have permission to host/stream the family nights at any time ON THEIR OWN either in their home or within a parish setting.