Updated September 2023
Please watch the final video update from Eric below.

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The Financial Need

As I’ve begun this new ministry it’s become very clear that God has a HUGE vision for what He wants to do through me, this new ministry, and through those who participate in it. It’s very exciting! To accomplish all that I feel God is asking of Suscipe this next year, here are our current “wish list” needs.

One-Time Gifts

Recording Equipment – $2,500

This has been purchased! Thank you!

A lot of what we’ll be doing will be offered online through podcasts, online courses, studies, etc.  To do so, we’ll need to upgrade our equipment to ensure we can offer a professional product that communicates more clearly the importance of the messages we are sending.  This will allow us to purchase a new camera, microphone, and upgraded lighting.

Part-Time Help – $25,000

Beginning this Fall, we’ll be looking to hire someone part-time to assist with many of the administrative realities of the ministry.  This will free Eric to be able to focus more on the ministry elements of Suscipe, developing partnerships, and growing the ministry over time.
Update: We have made the decision to hire part-time help but could use more funds to guarantee we can keep them on throughout the entire year!  Thank you!

Sound System – $12,500

As mentioned in the video we’re organizing a Worship Collective that will not only lead worship at the various Suscipe events but will be available as an outreach to the Church around the region.  This will allow us to purchase the basic sound system that we need.

Updated Vehicle – $10,000

Eric is being asked several times a month to assist with retreats around the region, give talks, lead worship, etc.  We’re looking to upgrade his current vehicle (that just hit 250,000 miles!).   Upgrading the vehicle will also prove to be helpful in hauling equipment for Suscipe events as well as safer travel in the Winter months.

New Laptop – $1,200

Our current computer is over 10 years old!  We’re looking to update this computer but also to have a second computer available for Suscipe events.
Would you prayerfully consider making a one-time financial gift that would help to cover one or more of these needs?

We’re Also Seeking Monthly Support

to help cover the basic operating needs of the business

Eric did quite a bit of 1-on-1 support raising in the Fall and raised roughly 60% of the goal in order to cover the basic expenses of the business for the first two years.

We are still looking for an additional $3000/month in committed monthly gifts.
Would you prayerfully consider committing to a monthly gift for the next 1-2 years?

Will You Support the Mission?

How would you like to give?


Help support the basic operating expenses of the business by giving monthly for the first 1-2 years.