We'll have information up soon about the next challenge which will be during Lent 2023.



How It Works

The 21 Days to a Better Prayer Life Challenge is a 21 day spiritual exercise for anyone desiring to take their prayer life and their daily journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ more seriously.

This challenge runs January 10th-30th, 2023 with an initial orientation online webinar on January 5th at 7:30pm CST (recording has been posted) and a closing Prize Ceremony on January 31st at 7:30pm CST.

There are three primary elements to this challenge;

Commitment to Prayer

  • Daily Prayer - Participants commit to a minimum of 30 minutes of silent prayer as well as an evening Examen Prayer (5-10 minutes) each day for the 21 days.
  • Weekly Holy Hour - Participants commit to at least one holy hour each week for more focused mental prayer.

Examination of Your Experience of God

Participants will grow in a greater awareness of the workings of God in their life through journaling and community discussion prompts provided throughout the challenge. At the core of this challenge is the opportunity to grow in greater awareness of the inner workings of your spiritual life (i.e. your relationship with God) so you can live and pray more intentionally and fruitfully.

Community and Support

  • Participants commit to participation in sharing their experiences of prayer in community in order to offer and receive support, encouragement, etc.
  • Trained spiritual directors will be available for regular "office hours" throughout the challenge and to answer questions, offer support, etc. through our online community.

In Short, What's Expected?

  • Join the 60 minute challenge orientation on Thursday, January 5th at 7:30pm (or watch the recording prior to the challenge).

For the 21 Days (January 10th-30th)

  • Minimum of 30 minutes of silent prayer each day
  • Pray the Examen Prayer (5-10 minutes) each night
  • At least one dedicated holy hour of prayer each week
  • Attend a weekly (one hour) community formation and discussion opportunity (or watch the replay if you can't make it).
  • Simple daily prayer journaling where you take note of your experience of prayer and your experience of God throughout the day.
  • Sharing your experiences and participating in the online discussions and prompts 2-3 times per week. This can be done in the larger online community and/or your own local or online small group going through the challenge (see more below).

Other (OPTIONAL) Opportunities

  • Regular Office Hours with the formation team where you can ask questions, discuss prayer, discernment, etc.
  • Access to our growing library of resources that include resources for prayer, daily reading recommendations, etc.
  • Upgrade to gain access to weekly 30 minute meetings with a trained spiritual director throughout the 21 days.
  • Join the Closing Celebration and Prize Ceremony on January 31st at 7:30pm.

Will You Join Us?

Learn more about participation options below.

Basic Challenge

  • Access to the supportive online community and formation team (discussions, forums, etc.)
  • Access to resources for daily prayer
  • Invitation to "office hours" with our formation team
  • Full Color Printed Plastic Comb Bound Journal (mailed to you)
  • Three 30 minute (1-on-1) Zoom sessions with a trained Spiritual Director.

$37 (one time fee)



1-on-1 Spiritual Direction

  • Access to the supportive online community and formation team (discussions, forums, etc.)
  • Access to resources for daily prayer
  • Invitation to "office hours" with our formation team
  • Downloadable 21 Day Prayer Challenge Journal
  • Full Color Printed Plastic Comb Bound Journal (mailed to you)
  • Three 30 minute (1-on-1) Zoom sessions with a trained Spiritual Director.

$67 (one time fee)



What if we can't participate in all elements of the challenge or what if we miss a day or two?

We're here to help but we can't "force" you to do anything. Make the commitment, do the best you can, and we'll be here every step of the way! Those who successfully fulfill all of the commitments of the challenge will be eligible for prizes!

What happens after the challenge is over?

Our hope is that this challenge will help you grow in a better understanding of your relationship with Jesus; how it's going, where you could use a little more discipline, where you could use more support, etc. The Suscipe Community is here to assist you along the way and will continue to provide the community, formation opportunities, resources, etc. to support you in your discipleship journey. We have other formation opportunities in the works!

How long will I have access to the resources, recordings, etc?

You'll have access to everything involved with this challenge (prayer resources, recordings, etc) for one year after the challenge is over.

Can I organize and lead my own small group, parish, organization through this challenge?

That would actually be our preference! We'll be ready to equip you to lead your group in whatever way makes sense by providing you with leader resources, discussion questions, etc. Learn more below.

It's More Fun (and fruitful) With Friends!

While we're confident this challenge will have a HUGE impact on the lives of those who participate in general, we truly desire this challenge to impact your friendships, families, small groups, bible studies, etc.

Imagine having a culture and depth within your friend and/or family community where you can relate on a deeper level surrounding prayer and the workings of God in your life and in the world!

If you are willing to invite a few of your friends and/or family to participate in this challenge with you, we're happy to offer a "private" space for you and them to share in the challenge together. This way all of the sharing, reflections, etc. will be seen only by you and them and will not be shared with the greater challenge community.

If you're interested in this, please reach out to us at and will send you more information.

What's a Challenge Without Prizes?

A little incentive never hurts! We've got some great prizes for those who complete the challenge!

First off, anyone who completes all elements of the challenge will get a free year of Suscipe+ ($99 value) our paid membership to Suscipe.

All members who complete the challenge will be entered into a drawing to win a variety of prizes including;

We'll also be giving out an AWARD for the Most Supportive and Encouraging Challenge Participant. This person will receive a LIFETIME Suscipe+ Membership.

What Are Waiting For?

Make the commitment and get ready to start taking your prayer life more seriously and deeper your relationship with God!

Want a Deeper Dive Explanation?

Eric Gallagher explains more in this announcement video.