Suscipe+ is our paid membership community for those who are wanting to take that next step in their faith.

What All Does a Suscipe+ Member Get?

For only $25/month, Suscipe+ members will receive:
Discussion - Suscipe

Access to Suscipe+ Online Community

Our private online community is available ONLY to Suscipe+ members.  Start and/or join discussions, receive insights from other Suscipe+ members as well as our spiritual formation team, and connect with the community on a deeper level.

All Access to Basic Courses, Programs, and Downloads

Gain access to all of our past book studies, all of our basic courses and programs, and all of our past formation opportunities not available anywhere else!  Also, get instant access to all of our custom downloadable resources.  Reach out to us for a complete list of included programs and courses.
Study - Suscipe

Mini-Retreats Archives

Our mini-retreats are free and available to the public while they are happening but only Suscipe+ members can access the archives of past retreats.  Suscipe+ members are welcome to host their own mini-retreats using the materials, handouts, etc.

Family Night Archives

Our Family Nights will be free and available to the public while they are happening.  Suscipe+ members have full access to the videos, handouts, etc. of all of the past Family Nights.  We plan to begin these in beginning of the 2024 year.

Our Gratitude & Prayers!

Honestly, while we hope to provide great value to all of our members, the Suscipe+ membership is our way of inviting you to support the work we are doing here!  Truly, we are grateful to our Suscipe+ members for their support of this ministry and we pray for you every day!  Thank you!

“Backstage” Access to Online Formation Events

We regularly host “live” online events on YouTube, Facebook, etc.  Suscipe+ members are welcome to join these sessions to participate in a “backstage” discussion throughout the event.  We will also regularly allow time for Q&A and Suscipe+ will be the ones who can ask questions.  Finally, many times we’ll “log off” of the online event and host a little “after party” discussion and fun with the Suscipe+ Community.
Spiritual Coaching Sessions - Suscipe

Free Spiritual Coaching Sessions (Coming Soon!)

We are slowly building out our availability for Spiritual Coaching Sessions.  These are one hour online meetings with someone from our spiritual formation team who will help

Exclusive Discounts

Discounts to Events
Suscipe+ members receive premium discounts and early access to all of our events (in person and online), programs, etc.

Discounts on Merch
Suscipe+ members receive a substantial discount to our online shop and when purchasing items in person at our events!

Discounts on Premium Programming
Suscipe+ members receive substantial discounts to all of our premium online programming and products as they are released.

Discounts - Suscipe
Bird and Clock - Suscipe

Be the First to Know!

We are so excited for all of the things that are coming with Suscipe!  As a special thank you for your generous support of the work we are doing here, we’ll be sure you are the first to know anytime we are up to something new!  You will, no doubt, be the coolest kid on the block ;)

All of this for only $25/month!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, please reach out to us at

A. Suscipe+ is a monthly membership that costs $25/month (or $250 if paid annually).  It comes with a 7 day free trial and can be cancelled at any time.

A. That is totally up to you. While many of our offerings will be done live. Everything will be recorded and archived for you to access whenever you would like.  It’s also important to note that what makes a great community is the people in it so the more you contribute the more everyone will get out of it!

A. With our desire to keep our community more personable as well as eventually having men’s and women’s offerings, we ask that you not share your membership with others.

That being said, we are happy to offer additional memberships to spouses and/or family members at a discounted rate.  Reach out and we can send you more information.

A. Of course!  If you can’t afford a membership to the community, please reach out to us at

Sidenote: we charge for memberships because 1) it helps us to continue to provide and maintain this important work and 2) it puts some skin in the game for all of our members.

Regardless, if you’re serious about getting involved, we don’t want cost to be a factor for you.

A. Yes! That’s very thoughtful of you.  Just reach out ( and we can send you more information.

A. This community is for anyone who has that hunger and desire to grow in holiness, especially in their life of prayer and discernment.  Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve been on this journey for a long time.  Whether you just graduated high school or you’re recently retired!  We are all created for the same thing, let’s journey together!