Suscipe+ is our paid membership community for those who are wanting to take that next step in their faith. For a monthly membership fee members get access to;

  • a thriving supportive and like-minded community to help support you in your pursuit of holiness.
  • Suscipe+ members only discussions on topics of prayer, discernment, holiness, etc.
  • ongoing studies and reflections on books, spiritual readings, etc. as well as access to all of our past studies.
  • a weekly "live" online event with special guests, opportunities for prayer, etc.
  • a monthly mini-retreat for you and/or your family, small group, etc. along with access to the archives that include all of our past mini-retreats.
  • access to our family night archives (coming 2023!)

All of this for only $9.99/month!

Want even more?

Our Suscipe+ Founders are members who want to offer additional financial support to our efforts here and earn a few extra perks along the way! Suscipe+ Founders get:

  • Discounts on our shop (coming soon!)
  • Discounts on our premium offerings (coming soon!)
  • Access to our Founders Only updates where we give insights into what's coming next!
  • More to come!

Suscipe+ Founders Membership is $24.99/month

Join Suscipe+ Basic $9.99/month

Need More Detail?

Here's a little more detail about our current offerings:

Guided Weekly Discussions

While members are welcome to start discussions on just about any topic they want, each week we put together a couple of prompts and discussions to keep our focus on topics related to our monthly theme. Discussions are "forum" based so you can read and respond at any time.

Guided discussions are typically posted on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Ongoing Study

Each week we'll also digest parts of a good book or article on the interior life and discuss it in our forums. These studies are organized later into simple book studies that can be done on your own or that you can share with your family or members of a small group that you lead. Suscipe+ members have access to the current study and all past studies.

Typically released on Tuesdays.

Weekly LIVE Events

Each week (typically on Thursdays) we get together for a LIVE event. We'll tackle a specific topic, bring on special guests, spend time in prayer, etc. These events are recorded each week and archived for our members to return to whenever they want.

Monthly Mini-Retreats

Each month we'll plan a "mini-retreat" together. We'll structure a simple retreat that you can do on your own. Each retreat will include a talk or two from someone online as well as guided prompts for prayer and time for discussion. These retreats are also archived and can be utilized at a later date. We encourage our members to invite their family and friends to do one of these retreats with them! Suscipe+ members get access to all past retreats so they can be done at any time.

Monthly Family Nights Archive

Coming in 2023, we'll be hosting LIVE Family Nights online for anyone to attend for free. After each one, we'll archive the video and all of the resources and make them available exclusively to our Suscipe+ members.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much is a Suscipe+ Membership?

A. Suscipe+ Basic is $9.99/month and Suscipe+ Founders is $24.99/month.

Q. How much will I need to commit to be part of this community?

A. That is totally up to you. While many of our offerings will be done LIVE. Everything will be recorded and archived for you to access whenever you would like. It's also important to note that what makes a great community is the people in it!

Q. Can I share my membership with a spouse and/or family member?

A. With our desire to keep our community more personable as well as eventually having men's and women's offerings, we ask that you not share your membership with others.

Q. Do you offer discounts and/or scholarships?

A. Of course! If you can't afford a membership to the community, please reach out to us at

Q. Can we purchase a gift membership for a family member or friend?

A. Yes! That's very thoughtful of you. Just reach out and we can send you more information.

Q. Who is this for?

A. This community is for anyone who has that hunger and desire to grow in holiness, especially in their life of prayer and discernment. Whether you're just getting started or you've been on this journey for a long time. Whether you just graduated high school or you're recently retired! We are all created for the same thing, let's journey together!

Have other questions? Shoot us an email at