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Suscipe Discipleship Retreats

Suscipe Discipleship Retreats are typically offered 2-3 times per year around Eastern South Dakota. These retreats are focused on prayer, discernment, and holiness and are ideal for those who have made a commitment to follow Jesus and are desiring to grow in their spiritual life. The retreats include talks, time for silence/prayer, and 1-on-1 meetings with a trained spiritual mentor.

We will typically schedule and organize 2-3 of these retreats a year in the Diocese of Sioux Falls and are open to parishes/dioceses requesting one of them to be "brought in" and adapted for their needs.

We've also adapted these retreats for other dioceses and demographics including; marriage retreats, young adult retreats, youth ministry leader gatherings, etc.

Parish Missions/Talks

The Suscipe Spiritual Leadership Team are available to assist with Parish Mission Talks throughout the year. Whether it's one talk or several, we'd love to assist in any way we can.

Themes include;

- Abandonment to God's Will

- Discernment and Prayer

- The Holy Spirit

- Holiness

- Discipleship & Evangelization

Remember, we can include Praise & Worship as part of our time with you as well!

Days of Reflection

Sometimes individuals aren't ready for a full weekend retreat. Or perhaps you are looking to make an opportunity more accessible to those in your parish?

A Day of Reflection is a one day event offered in a parish. It will typically include 2-3 sessions involving a talk, silence/prayer, and discussion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Typically Leads Suscipe Retreats and/or Gives the Talks?

Our retreat team is a "collective" of retreat leaders. While you can request a specific individual to lead your retreat, they may not be available. Our mission is to work with you to ensure we can offer the best experience possible! Part of our ministry includes potentially connecting you with others (not necessarily a part of the Suscipe ministry) if that makes most sense.

We'll discuss options of leaders, topics, etc. when we begin the booking process.

How Much Does It Cost?

Suscipe Retreats - When we offer a retreat ourselves, we'll typically have a registration fee that helps to cover the cost of putting on the retreat. Donations from our Mission Support Partners help to offset these costs.

Parish/Diocesan Retreats - We don't have a set amount for the various offerings available. We'll be happy to work with whatever budget you have and can be creative in helping to make it affordable for everyone.

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